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Call Us Right Away if

* Your landlord not getting repairs done

* You can’t get ahold of your landlord  

* You been living where you are long enough and it’s time for a change

* Your building is being shut down by the Department Neighborhood Services and you have to move

* Drug activity, violence, shooting in your building, on your block and you want a peaceful and safe place to live.

* You want a pest and rodent free living

* You want a landlord that keeps great records of your rent payments

* You want a landlord that you can stay with, and after a year or two  you want to move, and stay with the same landlord, we can transfer you within our system

* You don’t get along with the new tenants in the area and want to move, but want to stay with the same landlord

* You want a landlord that cares

* We offer our tenants so much, like a tenant should be treated, this way we know that you will be a great tenant, pays rent on time and keep the unit and property maintain   


Contract Our Staff:

World Real Estate Management  (WREM Inc.)

Phone: (414) 323-6383



Our business hours


Monday    Friday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

World Real Estate Managment Inc., Take pride in what we do. That is why we are successful and we know what it takes to manage properties. 



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