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John, The founder graduated from Cudahy Senior High. Eight days after high school graduation John went to the United States Navy.  Where he went through boot camp in Great Lakes, Illionois. When graduated from boot camp, he was stationed on USS Nitro AE-23, in Brooklyn New York while the ship was dry docked, then the ship went to its station home in New Jersey, where he made sailor of the month, fought in Operation Desert Storm. John's duties were gunnersmate then signalman. John was Homorable discharge from the United States Navy. After being honorable discharged from the United States Navy, John worked team leader and supervisor jobs, then at the at the age 25 John became a realestate investor, in 2004 John opened a World Real Estate Management Inc.,  and now he is 46 and going strong in real estate investing and mangement.  


Nathan, has graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Business Administraion Bachlors degree, in 2011.  Thoughout school woked full time and still recieved graduate honors.  Since then I have gone back to school and recieved an associates degree in Fire Protection Technician (2016).  Have been with  Starbucks coffee coompany for almost 10 years now. Have worked my way up from a baraista, to a shift supervisor, to assistant store manager.  Enjoys working with people, and has been working in customer service for over 15 years. 





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World Real Estate Management  (WREM Inc.)

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World Real Estate Managment Inc., Take pride in what we do. That is why we are successful and we know what it takes to manage properties. 



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